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If you have never seen or used a Thermomix® you’ll be amazed at how much it can do for you and your family!

In addition to being incredibly simple to use, it’s also so powerful and flexible that the creative possibilities seem endless. One small compact unit with the ability to perform the functions of twelve appliances.

Our best offer for you today is an incredible Christmas Promotion!

If you are a domestic user, you will receive has a gift, on prompt payment, 1 Cookbook or Recipe Chip of the titles: Sweet, The British Isles on a Plate, A Taste of India or 🖤 Chocolate. 

If you are a professional kitchen Chef, keep your eyes at our page because very soon we will announce a huge campaign for you to save even more time. Using Thermomix® TM5 is like having an extra pair of hands in your kitchen! In 2015, Thermomix® received the Choice Award for Best Gadget in commercial kitchens for the third consecutive year.

With so much to learn about, booking a Thermomix® Demo is the best way to learn more.


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